2019 OCT 24, 25, 26, 27
By Invitation Only

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2019 OCT 24, 25, 26, 27 - Rocktober STOL - Byrd's Adventure Center Arkansas



Who is invited?


  • First, every person that has competed in any previous Texas STOL Roundup, but with at least 8.50's or bigger.
  • Second, persons who I know their flying skill.
  • Third, any others who might want to join need to contact me for approval- no wimps, no whiners, no wannabes.



What is it?

  • 600+ Rockcrawlers, 60 STOL pilots/planes.
  • Obstacle STOL competition and skill events on a circuit of seven strips ranging from 400 feet to 2500 feet long.
  • Flour bombing.
  • A competition made up of a Pilot/Rockcrawler driver team. Half together in the plane, and half together in the rockcrawler on a course that has to be experienced.
  • Flyouts to some of the most beautiful and challenging private grass strips in the Ozark Mountains.
  • And much more.


All amidst the Fall colors of the Arkansas Ozarks.

Pre-registration will be required. And there will be no refunds. Decide not to come for any reason and forfeit the registration fee of $100. Camping fee is separate and is $10 per person per night and is payable directly to Byrd's Adventure Center.

Camp under your wing (in an area separate from the Rockcrawlers so quieter). Bring your own food. There is a restaurant on site but bear in mind it will be shared by 600+ Rockcrawlers.

Everyone who comes is expected to chip in with whatever needs to be done. Everyone works and everyone plays and everyone has a blast.

More information to follow shortly.