2018 SEP 28, 29, 30

Upcoming Events


2018 JUN 16 - AOPA's Missoula Montana (KMSO) Fly-in

At the request of AOPA the Texas STOL Roundup Team will be at AOPA's 2018 Missoula Montana (KMSO) Fly-in on Saturday June 16th where we will conduct our STOL Seminar followed by an Obstacle STOL® (wind permitting) and a Traditional STOL® demonstration which will show some practical applications of the seminar.

The seminar will be presented by Mike Vivion, Phil Whittemore, Ken Wittekiend, and Paul Brown.


2018 SEP 28, 29 & 30 - 5th Annual Texas STOL Roundup (KHDO)

Schedule of Events
See our Rules & Regulations page for additional information.

This is our flag ship event, and 2018 will be its fifth year. Come join us for a great time in Hondo Texas.

Friday at 10:00am is our STOL/Backcountry Flying Seminar presented by Mike Vivion, Phil Whittemore, Ken Wittekiend and Paul Brown; afternoon is Air Boss controlled STOL practice; and all day is a great time to hang out and meet other pilots.

Saturday is the Traditional STOL® and Obstacle STOL® competition.

Sunday morning is the Flour Bombing contest.